What is a “mini session”?  A mini session is much less involved than a full photo session. Typically portrait sessions are at a location of your choice, an hour of shooting, and result in many images.  Some times full portrait sessions are over whelming for little ones, or even some adults, so a mini session may be the solution for getting those updated family portraits without investing an hour of bribing little Jimmy to smile with a handful of M&Ms.

Our mini sessions are only $60 for a fifteen minute session at the chosen location fit for the theme.  The session will include 5-10 digital images and a $20 print credit.  The print credit can be used toward invitations/cards, canvases/floats, or desk prints. 

When preparing for advertising my first mini session I begged the kiddos to let me snap “just a few” pictures of them in a Christmas setting.  This time, it really was just a few!  But they still made some pretty funny out-takes for me, thought I would share!

I think mini sessions are fantastic to offer during such a busy time of the year, going back to school, gearing up for the holidays, and footballs season (you know you're in the south when football season is considered an actual SEASON of the year!) so much going on in the last four months of the calendar year.  There is limited availability with mini sessions, typically no more than eight slots per date.  Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your spot!