Headshots are an important aspect for marking your business.  Many professionals use headshots in their marketing.  Whether your an attorney, doctor, realtor, broker, or even make up artist/hair dresser, having a professional portrait of yourself is essential for your business.  


Tallahassee Photographer Headshot

I was lucky enough to squeeze in two lovely ladies before I left Pensacola to update their headshots.  I wanted to share my favorites from their session along with a few tips for how to get the perfect headshot.

Tallahassee Photographer

Make Up

Ladies, keep your look neutral.  Try to stay away from the bold colors. It’s gorgeous for everyday looks but can make you looked washed out in your pictures.  Soft colors on your eyes, with slightly highlighted cheeks and a warm color on your lips will make you appear put together for your pictures without being too "done up".

Tallahassee Photographer Realtor


Your wardrobe should be chosen carefully, solid basic colors are usually best.  Dark blue, black, white, and tan are wonderful colors to use; however, keep in mind the location and style of your session.  For example, if you are shooting against a brick wall you may want to stay away from tans because they could look too similar to the bricks.  If you are doing studio style headshots, I feel black or dark colors on a white background are classic, or a black background with a white or tan outfit.

Tallahassee Photographer


One aspect of marketing is to stand out, be different, be yourself, and never blend in.  With that being said you want to be cautious by not being over the top.  Most professional headshots typically use the classic indoor/studio setting, with a black blazer or suite, and gently propped on a stool.  While this is a great professional look, and I’ve done some this way that turned out great, you also want to be different and show your personality. Choose one outfit that is less professional and more you.  An easy way to do this is by having a shirt under your blazer that is fun and add a statement necklace or a colorful coverup to switch out the blazer.

Tallahassee Photographer Headshot

Include the Team

If you work on a team or with another individual, include them.  It’s nice to have a coordinated office picture but also can make the session fun to have someone tag along.

Tallahassee Photographer Realtor Headshot


Include props from your profession.  Remember Emily’s headshots I did at the beginning of the year? I loved Emily’s idea of including her brushes and blow dryer in her headshot session.  The fun, loving, easy going, side came out and she rocked the session.  It also helps having something to hold, some times it is difficult to know what to do with your hands.  Holding a brush gave Emily something to do with her hands and helped her “open up” to the session.

Tallahassee Photographer

The biggest photography tip I can offer is to have fun, be yourself, and let loose.  Your pictures will benefit from it and you will have fun.  Laughter generates the best smiles! :) 

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