Where in the world have I been?

A little quiet around here lately wouldn't you say?  It’s not because I’ve been chilling around the house.  It has been a BUSY two months for this lady.  We sold our home and have moved back to Tallahassee, boy am I glad about that!  Don’t get me wrong it is definitely bittersweet, there was absolutely nothing wrong about where we lived…other than, it wasn’t home!  In fact I have said a million times that I wish I could merge the two cities, and their wonderful people, together and create one big happy place for me. :) If only…

I started my business in the Pensacola area, while also marketing Tallahassee because I knew where we would end up ultimately.  I had some of favorite sessions in the Pensacola area, let’s face it Tally you just don't have a beach like Pcola!  I also learned SO much while in Pensacola.  Learned about not only photography and running my business (which is an ongoing learning process), but also about friendships, relationships with people in general, family, work life, my children, and all around just life.  As I look back at the two years we were in Pensacola I have to say I truly grew up in a lot of ways, and have a lot of different outlooks.  Not to mention all the wonderful things above, I also met some pretty amazing people.  I learned that I just THOUGHT we moved a lot, military families you all are amazing to me how you can move like you do.  When we decided to move home, I dreaded the packing and physically moving our things…I cant imagine doing that every few years.  Unfortunately, I am STILL unloading boxes.  In addition to this time period being very busy with moving and settling in, RDP is also celebrating its first anniversary.  So crazy to think it has already been a year.  I guess it is like they say, if you do what you love then you will never work a day of your life!

We are so excited to be home and so excited to embark on this new chapter in our lives.  Since closing on the home we have began some pretty heavy renovations.  My plan is to work at the renovations as I can but still commit to my photography, my babies, hubby, and enjoying this summer. I’m not sure how well I will balance it all, so bare with me as I develop a new schedule and settle in.  I have a LOT of clients to get posted, sorry to you all if you have been awaiting your blog post :)  I also I have a lot of fun and exciting things planned for this fall, and I cannot wait to share those with you…I may even sprinkle in a post about the house and our progress along the way!  


That all being said: Hello Tally, let the fun begin!!!!