This sweet little man was welcomed at the beginning of April.  I have to say this little man taught me a lot during his session.  When I first arrived, he was not happy about having his pictures taken.  Maybe it was because he was warm, cozy, and sound asleep in his little swing...and I walked in, picked him up, took off all his clothes, and stuck a huge camera in his face.  I can't say that I don't blame him!

After trying all my "tricks" to calm him and relax him, I decided to just put little Jack back in his comfy swing and take the pictures more "lifestyle" than the posed studio ones I had in mind.  Some times sessions do not go as I planned, and that's ok!

The swing was just what he needed, he calmed down, and I started getting some adorable shots of his sweet little face and those baby blues!

This one is adorable and so sweet to me, Jack is just as happy as he can be swinging away!

Just as comfy as he was inside his swing, baby Jack was just as happy laying on his momma.  While he was occupied, I captured his sweet little anchor diaper cover!

I wanted to get a few macro, up close, shots of the baby details.  While he was comfy on momma's belly, I decided to take advantage and get a couple of the details.  I love all the extra skin, adorable!

Congratulations again to this sweet family on your newest addition, he's perfect in every way!