Hey handsome!  Every time I see this picture that's the first thing I say, "hey there handsome!"  Little Jackson is just that, so handsome!

Momma's typically want the picture perfect clean faces on their little ones, I like having the drool. I think it's adorable!!

This quilt is special to the family, I believe it was Jackson's great-grandma's.  I used it during his newborn session and I thought it would make a fun comparison to use it again at his three month session.

I love a good comparison picture, his little face hasn't changed much in my opinion.  He just looks a little bit older! 

Baby smiles are contagious, how can you look at that sweet gummy smile and not smile yourself!?  

I wanted to get some "little man" style pictures during his session.  His momma add the mohawk, and I think it was perfect!

We added dad's tie, of course Seminoles had to be represented, and little Jackson was ready!

What's little man pictures without a bow tie?  I absolutely LOVE this picture.  How precious is that sweet face with that cute little bow tie!

I cannot have a gallery without some black and white pictures.  When I capture infants like this it always makes me wonder what are they thinking about.  It has to be "get this woman out of my face and give me a bottle!"  

By this point, he was done!  He was a perfect little man for me the entire session.  Smiling and "talking", just the happiest baby.  I couldn't have asked for an easier session.  Such a sweet little man, and I cannot wait to see you again soon!