Hi, I’m Renee! 


Thank you for visiting the website.  I hope you found it helpful.  I’ve had a passion for photography for years, and about two years ago decided to share my passion with others.  My journey is simple, love is the only thing keeping me going.  I’m married to high school sweetheart.  He is the rock behind me, our marriage, our family, and this business.  He is who encouraged me to jump in with both feet!  Knowing I needed a push out of my comfort zone to begin my photography business, he didn’t hesitate to push me.  He believes in me, even when I doubt myself!  It may be Renee Dawkins Photography, but this business is just as important to him as it is me.


We have been blessed with two amazing, energetic, polite, and ridiculously hilarious children. Our little boy is into all things sports related and animals. Our little girl is very much our girly girl. She can be found wearing dresses, putting on make up and practicing her gymnastics! 


My photography business has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.  Newly engaged couples, families celebrating births, local business owners, other local photographers, each and every person has made such an impact on me and this business.  I enjoy the constant learning and growing, and interacting with others in the beautiful world of photography.


My photography began when the children were little and slowly I began taking pictures for others, eventually it led to others asking me to photograph their family…and the rest is history!  


It has been such a blessing to follow this passion of mine, and I cannot wait to see what God’s plans are for the future of Renee Dawkins Photography.


Enjoy the website, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Take care,